Cataract Surgery Prices

We aim to provide the most affordable private cataract surgery for patients in the region. Outpatient consultation, diagnostic tests and cataract surgery prices are as follows:

Outpatient Consultation

First consultation                         £160

Follow-up consultation £100

Diagnostic Tests

Biometry                                     Included in surgical price


Cataract Surgery £2,500 per eye

Cataract Surgery prices include all follow up consultations for three months after surgery, a monofocal lense* and all the hospital and surgeon costs. To find out more about the surgery please go to our page What is a Cataract?


Due to the pandemic there will be a £79 surcharge added to the price of surgery due to the requirement for a test

Yag Laser

We are pleased to say that we are in the process of installing our very own Yag Laser. Appointments will soon be offered to patients at the Nuffield Hospital Newcastle, instead of patients waiting to be seen at the RVI . While the installation is yet to be completed, our consultants are very happy to discuss options and advise on whether a Yag will be required following surgery. Our prices will be updated once we are able to offer appointments. Please get in touch today to find out more, Contact Us here.

*Multifocal or Toric lenses can be provided. Both cost an additional £700 per eye. This options will be discussed with you at outpatient consultation.

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